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Simplified trade indicators with a smarter approach to cryptocurrency and forex that makes trading transparent and hassle free

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For a very long time now, getting a fair start in trading has been a pretty tough nut to crack.

Well, no more. Pipster is a mobile trading app designed to allow anybody to acquire the knowledge to get started in currency trading. We’re doing away with the complex jargon, bringing it to a level people can understand and relate to.

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Learning & Community

There’ll be bite-sized learning programmes to pick up the essential skills over time and a community of like-minded traders to get tips and strategies from. Together, we’ve got your back.

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Pipster’s fusion of brand new tech with data analysis has been put together by ex-industry professionals. They know this game from the inside out and how much better it should be. Progression through Pipster is simple and intuitive, keeping you focused and in control.

AI & Machine Learning

One of the app’s main features is a piece of leading-edge tech based on the analysis of social media posts, using AI and machine-learning. Developed and designed in-house by our own team of programmers and engineers.

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Our HQ and growing team are based in Shoreditch, London. We’re partnered with a world-leading broker, GMO and are fully regulated by the FCA. So Pipster’s way of trading forex and Crypto as a CFD is as secure as it gets.

Intelligent Trading

Intelligent Trading

Intelligent trade-management alerts our users to movements in the market that could affect their account and trades. This keeps everyone firmly in the loop and encourages good, responsible trading.

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