Hello from the Team!

Our Mission

Based primarily in an office near Angel in London, we are the team launching Pipster, a mobile app that will bring you simplified, smarter trading for crypto and forex. A product of Finatext UK, which is part of the global Finatext group.

Our mission is to change the trading landscape. To help educate and inspire a new generation of more successful and satisfied self-motivated traders. We’ll provide the learning materials, the brand new platform and the community base for the inspiration to succeed. With in-app tutorials, a progression-based learning system, a simplified user interface and state-of-the-art technical indicators- all developed in-house to simplify trading strategy.

Pipster will stand out from the crowd. Launching Q3 2018.

“With Pipster we want to shake up the industry and simplify what it takes to be in control of your trades. The whole experience will be clearer, more engaging and more satisfying than anything else out there.”

The Right Platform

Trading forex and cryptocurrencies online can be very simple and also very rewarding when done correctly. Finding the best platform, doing the right research and forming the best strategies can however be very complex process for most people starting out. There’s too much jargon, the processes are too technical and the risks aren’t made clear enough. So the majority of new traders leave the experience after their first few trades having lost out, rarely ever coming back.

The Team

At the current headcount, we’re a team of 20 people. A healthy combination of British, Italian, Greek, Malaysian, Irish, Japanese and many more nationalities. As well as our London base, we have contributors based in Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. Pipster will also be a global app, available to over 100 countries around the world, at launch. You’ll get to know the team better and find out what we’re all contributing to the projects that will help deliver Pipster to you as we progress.

Rob Brockington

Last but not least, heading-up the Finatext UK team and the lead developer of the Pipster app, is Rob Brockington. Having worked in the technical side of finance for some of the big banks in London after leaving university, Rob started work on Pipster in 2017 and began to assemble the team you see in front of you now.

Mostly the London team

The Pipster Team Summer ‘18

This Dev Blog

This blog is for anyone and everyone interested in the app, our team and what it takes to make your business ambitions a reality. We’ll be providing previews, updates, insight and information about; the app’s development, the team’s growth and the broader challenges we face in transforming our exciting concept into a real and valued product. We’ll also tell you what you can expect from us in the future, as we continue developing the app to make it the best it can be. Next in the blog, we’ll be showing you one of the prize features of Pipster as it nears completed development. Our Social Sentiment Indicator, how we made it and what it will do for our users. We’re really proud of it.

Join Us

So if you’re a budding trader, a fellow developer or already part of the fintech community, we hope that you’ll join us on this journey and find some inspiration along the way.

Follow our story on our blog and on medium.com/@getpipster