Our Approach

Our routes to get here may have been different but we’re all proud to be working together and united in our goals. Together we aim to reinvent finance by engaging new users through constant innovation and providing tech-based solutions which enhance investor understanding and broaden access.

Both Pipster and Robota Intelligence are products of Finatext UK. Part of the global Finatext group, founded in Japan and already respected for contributions to the fields of big-data and trading technology.

Rob Brockington

Founder CEO

With more than 15 years of experience working on trading floors managing complex execution platforms, Rob has consistently been at the forefront of where technology leads finance. A specialist in algorithmic engines and low-latency flows for some of the biggest names in banking including HSBC and Deutsche. His aim now is to reinvent finance by introducing new forms of technology, proven at institutional levels, to the retail trading market and empower a broader demographic of investors.

Sushant Chalipat


In the past decade Sushant has worked for some of the biggest names in banking, including JP Morgan, Deutsche and Citi where he learned from some of the best in the industry. He now has the opportunity to put all of his managerial experience and MBA skill-sets together to help build an industry leading, consumer focused, sustainable and profitable startup.

Our Innovation

We’ve built every last feature of Pipster ourselves and are the same team behind Robota Intelligence. Our Bitcoin Social Sentiment Indicator (SSI) represents a precise application of effective, powerful and exciting new technology and is exactly what we’re all about.

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