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We are a group of fintech enthusiasts. Collectively we’ve got decades of experience working for some of the establishment banks. We’ve seen first-hand just how broken and outdated their approaches and attitudes can be. Cryptocurrency is changing the fabric of finance but the old-fashioned institutions have been slow to catch on. They’ve failed to evolve and help cater for the new demands and new users, growing by the day. It’s time to move on.

More crypto exploding
More crypto exploding


We’ve hatched a plan to open up the currency markets to a new generation of traders and market makers. To build a mobile trading platform which speaks on a level people can relate to and simplifies the complex processes. An app which takes full advantage of new innovations in technology and data-science helping users get a fair start in trading. This is Pipster.

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The Team

The team here in London hails from all over the world and started in various different industries. We have developers and designers from the giants of design and mobile tech. Challenger consultants and strategists from the fintech world who have helped build the brands we would all recognise today. So we know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Our route here may have been different but we’re all proud to be working together and united in our goals. Together we aim to redefine the the world of finance and engage new users through constant innovation and enhanced access.

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Strong Roots

We’ve built every last feature of the app ourselves. Including the Curve, which uses social-media, machine-learning and AI to give an exclusive insight to current Bitcoin trends. This precise application of new technology in trading is exactly what we’re all about.

Pipster is a product of Finatext UK. Part of a global group with Finatext LTD ,based in Japan and already respected for contributions to the fields of big-data and trading technology.

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