I want to bring about a “service revolution” to the financial world.

“After my experience at a global financial institution in London, the world’s financial center, I was able to learn how the global financial ecosystem is constructed, while at the same time view the Japan financial market in an objective manner.”
Rob Brockington, CEO Finatext UK


Finatext UK is company looking to leave their mark in the fintech sector. The team hails from a range of backgrounds, both geographically and in terms of experience. Ex designers from Apple, HSBC banking professionals, traders, teachers, tech entrepreneurs, animators and Artificial Intelligence specialists all under one Shoreditch roof. The nature of the industry has allowed for a lot of cross pollination in terms of everyone’s roles, making sure that each challenge faced is never one that is faced alone and thus swiftly overcome before moving onto the next. It’s a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

Rob Brockington
The company CEO. Rob honed his craft working at a few big name banks before striking out into the world of disruptive fintech. Slowly coming to the realisation that he may be a hipster. Not a bad chef.
Ruiz Asri
Project Manager
Among other things, Ruiz keeps things running smoothly through a combination of planning, pep talks and colour coordinated spreadsheets. Always gives 110%. May have an unhealthy obsession with kebabs.
Petar Savic
Marketing Lead
The man of a thousand contacts. Petar brings his considerable marketing expertise to the table, along with a keen eye for up and coming trends. Often the mood maker of the office with a penchant for all things sweet.
Bejan Paul
Design Lead
Our Lead Product UI/UX Designer, Bejan maintains his impressive work ethic with regular doses of caffeine, he is a coffee addict. When he isn’t working he is taking landscape photos in the nature.
Adrian Talmage
Business Development
An early bird and the one behind the learning materials. Adrian also serves as our go to google liaison when we can’t be bothered to type in the search bar. Ex language teacher who also dabbles in content creation.
Daniela Marini
Dani designed a lot of what gives Pipster its distinctive look. Regularly conjures tasty treats for all of us here. A lover of languages, but also one to be feared in that pinnacle of extreme sports - ping pong.
Chara Sakellari
Hails from a far off land where all words are apparently from, Chara helps animate and edit our visuals with more than a degree of panache. Rumour has it her drawings of Chewbacca have to be seen to be believed.
Ryan Ong
Data Scientist
The brains behind the code involved in some of the clever tech under the hood of Pipster. Doesn’t like to be pigeon holed as a geek so has developed an intimidating physique in order to throw people off.
Eric Heng
When he’s not keeping up to date with the latest memes and gifs, Eric helps with software development, research and analytics. Must be regularly appeased with offerings of Jaffa cakes. Accepts no substitutes.
James Thorpe
Content Consultant
Our go-to when it comes to trading terminology, James is also able to identify a dangling preposition from 400 yards. Another of our content creators, who also does a surprisingly good impression of Christopher Walken.
Alessandro Di Gianfilippo
Marketing Intern
One of our no nonsense Digital marketing Interns. He’s only been here a short time and his name has already been shortened to Ally. Give it a few more weeks and he’ll probably be known as Al. Wants to challenge Ruiz to a kebab eating contest.
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