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What we learned from the Bull Run

From our student contestants through to our own dev team - we were all winners with our first student trading challenge.

Positive moves for our Social Sentiment Indicator

The back-testing phase results from our Social Sentiment Indicator are out and we're proud to share the results with you. Our SSI can sense upcoming trends in Bitcoin value to help investors time trades for a consistent, positive return.

Live Mode now available in Pipster

After months of tweaking, bug-fixing and several successful rounds of beta-testing complete - Live mode is now available on Pipster. This is where it gets real. For our users and their investments as well as for us and our pledges.

Confronting Retail Trading Stats

Why in a tightly regulated yet competitive market aren’t investors doing better with trading apps? And what can Finatext UK and Pipster do to buck this trend?

Challenging The Traditions Of Trading

The world of finance has changed so why hasn't currency trading? Rob Brockington dives deeper into how the industry has to evolve to survive

Virtually Trading Places — Why I Started Pipster

Automation and data analysis changed the trading floor so how could this technology and learning be brought to everyone?

Double standards for crypto regulation

Rob Brockington takes an overview of the UK House of Commons Treasury Committee report on crypto-assets and finds that money wouldn't be able to meet the standards

Bitcoin artwork by Michael Wuensch

Pipster Social Sentiment Indicator Launch

Our Social Sentiment Indicator built in-house by our Data Science Team launches. Here is the lowdown and an introduction to Ryan - the genius behind the AI

Pipster Shoots a Promo

Our first Pipster promo vid was completely created by us. Everything from scripts, storyboard, shooting, location scouting and acting were all sourced in-house

 Welcome to the Pipster Dev Blog

This blog is for anyone and everyone interested in the app, our team and what it takes to make your business ambitions a reality. We’ll be providing previews, updates, insight and information about the app’s development, the team’s growth and the broader challenges we face

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