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Coming from all over UK’s finance scene, we are a bunch of passionate, experienced, ideology-driven professionals who think it’s time for MARKETS v2.0 . In our office you can hear a blend of over 10 languages, a beautiful mix of accents from all over the world, so wherever you’re coming from, you’ll probably feel at home. Our homebase is in Japan and already is a fintech market-leader across Asia. Now, we’ll be doing the same in the UK and Pipster is just our first step on this journey.

Crypto exploding

Cartoon animation of currencies in an orbit with a rocket flying past

The Heart of Angel

We know, we know, you’re probably being bombarded with job offers but you should really come work with us because we’re about to make a significant change to the trade sector. We sit right in the heart of Angel, so easily absorbing the vibrant atmosphere of the East End and Shoreditch in particular. We’re also surrounded by relaxing canals and gardens, so you can conveniently phase out there. But then return, of course.

Cartoon animation of currencies in an orbit with a rocket flying past

We Like Brownies

We’re looking for people who believe that fintech and cryptocurrency are the future and that the revolution is just starting.
If you’re the kid who skipped school to create the next app/platform/technological solution, we definitely want you in.
If you think big and know how to make it happen, we need you, please do get in touch.
And even better if you make stellar brownies.
We like brownies.

Here are our job openings but if you don’t find anything and still want to come onboard, drop us a line:

Current Job Listings

Current openings at Pipster.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Reporting to the London CEO, this role will lead the App Development for Finatext’s first mobile trading application created outside of Japan. This project will be one of significant visibility within the global company and will offer the chosen candidate the opportunity to work on a global project with a multitude of skilled teams and personnel.

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