1.1 - Welcome to Pipster

You probably know how trade works because markets have worked the same way for centuries… If you have the money and access to the right markets, you can trade pretty much anything.

Pipster helps you access currency markets… If you’re interested in practicing currency trading on a daily basis (or “day trading” as the professionals call it) we will walk you through the basics and everything you need to know about it.  

Pipster isn’t just about national currencies. The increasing interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has meant a new market has sprung up. There’s huge demand and a massive potential for growth, which can be quite volatile – just like traditional currency.

In both markets the opportunity to quickly make big gains is there every day, BUT it’s also quite risky as you could lose money fast. This is why we think learning how to trade responsibly is the key to long term success.

For the average budding trader, the information out there is far too complex. In fact, when it comes to studying cryptocurrencies, even the established theory and strategies just don’t translate. Trading has not only become a market for the privileged, but it has failed to keep up with  today’s new tech. With Pipster, we want to change the trading landscape and give greater access to a new generation of traders.

We have decades of experience on the trading floors so we’ve done everything we can to make Pipster a joy to use. From buying and selling any currency pair in just a few taps, to The Social Sentiment indicator – which provides insights to upcoming trends for Bitcoin trading. We have lower entry and trade values, so you can begin at your own pace as well as transparent pricing, so you know exactly where your money is going. We are growing a digital community of like-minded investors and our support team will be by your side at every step.

Pipster is now in Pioneer mode which means your feedback will help us improve our app, so we grow together.

These learning materials are designed to help you understand the core elements and concepts and make those first steps into trading.

So… ready to get started?

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