Our Learning Materials

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out four chapters which consist of videos and accompanying lesson notes with everything you need to know about getting started and trading confidently.

1.1 - Welcome to Pipster

These videos are to help any budding learners grasp the concepts behind trading, the currency markets and some of the practices involved. In this first one we’ll introduce the team here, help guide you with your first steps and demonstrate how Pipster can put you on the right path.

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1.2 - What the Forex?

Here we’ll be introducing the concept of exchanging currencies on the forex market and some of the features that help make it the world’s largest and most popular market for retail trading.

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1.3 Decrypting Crypto

For our third video in this section we’ll introduce cryptocurrencies and explore the origins of this exciting new technology and how they’ve now made their way into the mass markets and on to platforms such as Pipster.

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1.4 - An ABC on CFDs

Here we introduce CFDs, the products which enable the huge range of products and dynamic trading advantages available in modern markets today.

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2.1 - The Pair Necessities

To begin with, we’ll discuss why everything in currency is sold as a Pair, what ‘Currency Codes’ are and the ‘Long and Short’ of buying and selling forex and crypto.

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2.2 - Dicing with Spreads and Pricing

The methods the markets use to demonstrate the value of currencies. You’ll also find out more on currency spreads and how to read a price on any market screen. And there’s a little gem on the origin of our name.

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2.3 - Meeting Multipliers and Margin

How multipliers (leverage) can help a trader reach their goals and how managing margin is essential to maximising the benefits a broker can provide.

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2.4 - Bears, Bulls and Sentiment - Oh my!

We introduce some of the market’s furry friends and begin to look into what is the use of analysing and measuring sentiment.

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