With months of bug-fixing and tweaking under our belt and several successful rounds of beta-testing complete – Live mode is now available on Pipster. This is where it gets real. For our users and their investments as well as for us and our pledges.

Whether you’ve traded before, and wanted more useful features or this is your first time trading outside of our ‘virtual mode’, you can now invest real money in the forex and crypto markets with Pipster.

A Fair Spread

There are 28 currency pairs and 6 cryptocurrencies to choose from – at the moment. We think we’ve got enough for budding investors to get stuck into and make the most out of. But with enough demand, who knows which other pairs or new cryptocurrencies could make the shortlist in the future?

We’re also particularly keen to see how far current and potential investors in Bitcoin can take our exclusive Social Sentiment Indicator technology. We’re really thrilled to say that after several months of studying and back-testing, the results have been rather impressive.

Theory into Practice

We’ll finally be able to see just how effectively it can play into the trading strategies of our users. This is exciting because if it’s nearly as successful for our community, as it has been in testing, it should go some way to improving on the standard levels of trading success people are currently experiencing through other standard trading platforms.

Still, even if we’re ready to get serious with real funds – some users might not be, yet. It is a big step to start investing your hard-earned money in something that could be new to you. If that’s the case, keep practising in virtual mode and put those 10k virtual funds to the test. It’s not really the same when you’re playing with ‘house money’, but in practice, there’s no difference at all. So anyone can familiarise themselves with the app and the steps taken to place and manage trades.

Know your Limits

When you do choose to ‘go live’, remember to use all of the tools provided to ensure a clear strategy and to minimise the risks of loss positions. Whether it’s setting stop-losses at appropriate levels or just asking the community for input, we want you to succeed.

We’re positive that Pipster is going to make a big difference in the trading app industry. But we obviously can’t do it without you. So we’d love you to go ahead and download the app for your mobile now and share the journey of reinventing finance with us.

Catch us on the community channels and watch this space!