With a desire to bring light to some of the themes important to our business and industry, we are now hosting a monthly discussion called Pipstarts – you see what we did there? Bringing together anyone with an interest in Fintech-related themes to participate in a ‘fireside’ talk and helping us all get to know our community a little better.

On Tuesday, 9th April at WeWork in Wapping, we hosted our first Pipstarts event with the theme ‘Machine Learning and Social Media Data in Currency Trading’. A panel featuring special guest Glen Goodman (famous online as ‘The Shares Guy’) as well as some of Pipster’s Data Science and Social Media teams – lead the chat before the floor was opened for questions.

Pipster's Pipstarts event introduction Dan Davies, Rob Brockington, Laurence Mandal, James Li
Pipstarters for ten: Dan Davies (right) introducing Pipstarts and the team (from left) Rob Brockington, Laurence Mandal and James Li

Short Circuitousness: How machines get feelings

Our aim was to highlight and bring some insight into why a growing fintech business like ours has become so dedicated to big-data and techniques in AI such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine-Learning.

We’d also delved into and describe some of the techniques we use to achieve what we have and what a bit of what we’ve got in the pipeline. On the night a discussion on how the social sentiment indicator worked better with Bitcoin than more traditional indicators also lead to Glen sharing his own advice for the best way to trade crypto.

Ryan Ong and The Shares Guy Glen Goodman in conversation
My sentiments precisely: Ryan Ong explains how the Bitcoin SSI was first developed to Glen Goodman

Next Pipsteps for Pipstarts

Still, regardless of our inexperience with event management and not yet having met many of our community face-to-face, we are proud to say that the event was a roaring success. And we remain encouraged for the next event on the 28th May – but this time at a WeWork building in the Old Street/Hoxton Area of London. The coming event’s theme being “Can ANYONE make money trading currencies?” and once again featuring Glen Goodman who discusses his brand new book.

Pipstarts audience
Millennial mind meld: Designer Dani talks some users through her Pipster winning attitude whilst Laurence and Ady listen in

Thanks for your face time

Lastly, a big thanks to all those who attended and helped with the first Pipstarts event. We hope you enjoyed it and most importantly took away with you some valuable information – whether for your careers, interests or investments. Join us at the next Pipstarts!

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