Taking part is simple. Mainly because we’d like everyone to be able to enjoy the challenge and have a fair chance of success. However, as the challenge has a time-limit, we need to be clear that this sort of trading activity is not best-practice for investment strategies – and is just for fun.

How to get involved

  1. Download and login Pipster and using ‘Virtual Mode’
  2. The challenge runs until 10th June so a trade must be closed by 10th June at the latest.
  3. You have £10,000 virtual funds to play with so there’s plenty of space to try different approaches (and different currencies) out and learn and discuss your approach on the community board.
  4. If you sign up with this email we should be able to track you in-app. But to guarantee that we see your top trades, you should post your potential winning trades on social media tagging @getpipster #250challenge. You can post any of these top trades within these two weeks it just helps us rifle through the data a bit easier.
  5. Wait to hear if you are the winner on 12th June!
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